The Future of Oriam

A Different Sun - Part 1

The Bells Toll

Rin decided to stay behind, at least temporarily, to help with town reconstruction, by using karate to chop wood into various lengths. So Xane of Wheelock, Darvin, and Veil decided to make their way to the capital city of Kanto. They got the outfittings they would need and set out in the morning.

The weather was very cold and harsh, the snow was still falling, so travel by foot was slow going. The party ran into some elven scouts in mid-afternoon, who approached them once they saw they had been noticed. They greeted them and offered to help them set up camp, warned them about local wolves, and about a strange musuclar man that had been spotted around the area. The group tipped them for helping with the camp and made rest for the night.

During Veil’s watch she was intrigued to hear some bells ringing. She woke the rest of the group, and Xane was more than intrigued by the bells, he was drawn to them. Veil and Darvin followed at a safe distance and about half a mile off the path they saw him approach two very strange looking humanoids. They appeared to be a pair pale blue hairless and nude old men, levitating off of the ground, holding a golden bell each. Both had evil looking eyes, one with a devilish grin and one with an angry frown. Staring deep into Xane’s eyes the creatures psychically attacked him, which was enough to break their spell over him, but his mind was strong enough to contest the attack. Veil and Darvin joined the fray. Using a bell one creature seemed to merge into and possess Xane and began to attack veil. The other tried to deal with Darvin who remained hidden out of sight and continued sneak attacking.

Veil was able to set up a zone of silence to render the bells useless, and protected Xane’s mind from evil, forcing the creature out, but suffered psychic, claw, and eldritch attacks in the meantime. One of the creatures psychically fed on his wisdom, rendering him unconsious. Darvin finished off his using his sneak attacks, and Xane hit the other with his most powerful eldritch blast to burn it to a crisp. They took the bells and destroyed the bodies to make sure nothing would return. Veil regained her wisdom by the time morning arrived.

The next day was still bitterly cold but the snow had at least stopped. Continuing on their way to Treadmill, the group encountered a battallion of men from Kanto, led by a Captain Lance. They had been sent to deal with the Orc problem in Frond, having received a carrier pidgeon a few days ago, but were pleasantly surprised to hear that the group had taken care of the problem on their own. Lance said they would continue to Frond to verify and secure the town, and begin constructing a local garrison and trade route to prevent future invasions, but that he would send word to Kanto to make them official adventureres of the realm and grant them accolades if they so desired.

As the group continued the next day, they followed a trail of blood in the snow that led to a badly injured adventuring group wearing next to nothing, not outfitted for winter at all. Amongst them was the strange muscular man. They shared no languages, but their leader, a bronze skinned human, could communicate telepathically with Xane. The man dumbfoundedly explained he was lost, had never seen snow in his life, and wanted to know why the sun was the wrong color. Before the groups could discuss much, they were ambushed by a fireball from a wand toting Mage. All of the other party except their leader was knocked unconscious.

Veil healed them while the rest of the group sprinted to attack the Mage, a move he wasn’t expecting. He warned them to stay out of it and asked them to please move on and forget what they saw. However the group attacked him more rapidly than he was expecting. He got off a summoning crystal of some kind, but a necrotic bolt from Darvin made it impossible for him to use a healing potion, and Xane slew him with his deadly witch bolt. He looted his hat and two wands before the parties made a run for it, narrowly avoiding a group of what appeared to be high level warriors appearing, including their new friend Captain Lance.

The adventurerers decided it would be best to get this lost group outfitted and send them back where they came from before more trouble could be caused. In a small village on the outskirts of the capital they bartered for some clothes and other provisions. They gathered from the psychic’s story that they were from another world and had come in through a portal. They gave them what they would need to get back to the mountains they came from and then began their own investigation. Reaching the capital city of Kanto they began their business in earnest.

In short order they exchanged land rights to the mine they had discovered for a portion of ownership, received the gold they had been promised by the mayor of Frond, and identified their magic items as a hat of disguise, wand of fireballs, and wand of magic missile. Zathras nudged Xane into checking out a museum, which was a history of the former gladiatorial arena, which was run back when clerical magic was gone. A mural depicted it’s greatest champion as a man very similar to the muscular yet alien gentleman they had discovered earlier, and they found out he had friends, some of whom had surviving descendants, though the gladiator himself never sired any children despite his large number of wives. They looked up where that descendant, who came from an elven adventurer of 200 years ago, might live.

The next morning Darvin broke into the house of this descendant, who it turned out at this point was 7/8 human, and rooted around looking for clues. He found a secret safe he could not open, and coded maps he could not translate, that referred to a particular ancient temple near the border. Darvin escaped the house just before the owner returned home, and from outside caught a brief glimpse of the owner spying on him through the window. Xane confessed he knew of this temple, as it was the location he was holed up in during the war, where he first met and became infused with Zathras. Xane also admitted that he was a warlock.

Finally the group went to the adventuring ministry to receive their letter of accolade, however the clerk there, an elderly woman, informed them she had received no such letter yet, and apologized that perhaps the captain had been busy with other things. Of course the party knew exactly what he was busy with. Right when they were about to leave, however, the bell rang, indicating a letter had arrived. It was a quest to go to the mountain range nearby to exterminate some strange race of creatures with spindly arms and legs. The clerk assumed that the letter was for them, and the party went along with the assumption. They hastily left, seeing another adventuring group heading into the building, the very group that had originally sent them to Frond, and didn’t even recognize them. They didn’t look that impressive anymore.


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