The Future of Oriam

The Orc Who Died - Part 4

The group of heroes found that their werewolf buddy Jimmy had disappeared, taking advantage of their split attention to slip away. The party explored the Orcin caves finding many building materials and plans. Eventually they ran into a young adult half-Orc who begged to parley. He claimed to have been brought into the venture against his will by his father, and promised to give intel in exchange for his release, and offer safehaven in his hometown of Treadmill if they ever needed it. The group agreed to let him go and found out how many remaining orcs there were, and that there was a pit trap into an owlbear lair.

Darvin snuck ahead, disguising himself as the half-orc they just freed. He found two Orc Monk acolytes who ordered him to go guard the main entrance, but managed to get himself close enough to them that he could scope out the trap, trigger it with his crossbow, and attempt to send one of the monks in. They were far too swift for that, however, and avoided his shoves. The rest of the party barrelled in to take on the monks, who were particularly impressed at the Wood Elf monk displaying the same school of martial arts they followed. They played tennis with some deflected crossbow bolts, and one Orc was eventually slain by some swift punches. The other monk fell into the pit while trying to make an easy jump over it as he got poked in the kidney by an opportunistic Darvin. He faced the owlbears, and from the sounds of things, may have actually beaten one before succumbing. Jarrod brazenly sent Alanis to check on the noise, not at all fearing she would run off. Once she found the group she told them they had to move quickly.

The group then all decided to play the disguise game. Darvin remained as the half-orc. Alanis swapped clothing with the monk and faked being a prisoner, while the monk, being of the same race and build, disguised herself as Alanis. The cleric of deception disguised himself as the other Orc monk and took Xane as is captive. Ethrehil thought this was convoluted, but played along anyway, faking an arrow in his back. They went into Jarrod’s chamber and ferreted out some information before striking.

All that was left with Jarrod were his son, his high priest, and an Ogre. This was a formidable group however. The group’s deception was good enough to get the drop on him however. They focused all of their firepower on the Ogre to remove it from combat before it could supermurder them. Jarrod proved he could take any of them out in a single round, and dodge almost any attack, but he was far too outnumbered and his ki was not infinite. Before long he lay dying. He told the monk that he met his master a few months ago, though this master was supposed to have been dead at the time. He also begged for his unconsious son to be taken to the monastery to be raised. While the group debated what to do, Darvin made an executive decision and killed the orc. C’est la vie.

Among Jarrod’s personal effects were tons of letters going out to orc cheiftans asking them to join his cause, several rejection letters and a couple of acceptance letters. They also found what appeared to be an iron vein in the cave leading into a large cavern. The group went back to town to claim their reward and get their heroes welcome. They received a writ for 5,000 gp, and decided to set off for the capital city to claim a stake on the mine. Ethrehil opted to stay behind, since he knew Orcs would be coming in a few weeks, and the town would need a new sheriff and protector, because Alanis decided to pursue the necromancer.


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