AKA Gruumsh, leader of the Orcs


Jarrod was found abandoned and raised by the temple of Aaradrythenai. The master there beleived orcs’ evil was a result of their environment and ubringing, and that he could bring civilization to them. The master was only half right. In Jarrod he unwittingly created a very deadly, very evil, and very civilized creature.

Jarrod seemed like a good student but one day in anger killed two of his instructors and was banished. In the meantime it seems that he has been gathering orcs and like Prometheus has been bringing them the fires of civilization, teaching some the monk arts of Aaradrythenai, and teaching his lieutenants how to read and write.

Through sheer charisma he has been attracting many orcs to his side, and they have begun to view him as an orc messiah, calling him Gruumsh.



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