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The world is coming to the end of a long peace.

On the continent of Oriam, war raged for 100 years between various factions of humanoids and monsters, with the humanoids never gaining an upper hand due to infighting. Eventually their differences were put aside and creatures like Orcs and Trolls were beat back into near-nothingness. They held no land and had no more settlements. The end of the war marked Year 0 of the era of peace. Around year 50, clerical magic stopped working. Some believed the gods had abandoned the world. Clergy that continued to practice claimed that the gods recognized mankind no longer needed their direct intervention. Some not inconsiderable amount of paganism took hold over the next hundred years. Without gods granting spells, those who sought power and did not have the necessary skills for learning the ways of spellcasting sought power elsewhere. This resulted in much intermingling between humanoid kind and fey, dragons, and others. The number of druids grew, and their preservation of the land kept mankind from greatly expanding and developing in this time of peace. Because of the church’s newfound lack of power, they did not have the influence to quash this sort of paganistic behavior and instead retooled their religions to more easily tolerate it, saying people were allowed to have their beliefs in addition to belief in gods and still be standing members and tithe.

Of course some were more fundamentalist than others and expressly forbid this kind of behavior, and were still successful churches, but they no longer had the ability to stop it, having been reliant on holy warriors and clerics in the past. Evil churches and cults also completely lost their power, and without it almost completely disappeared or devolved into circles of outcasts meeting in ruins to get drunk and rant to each other about how they would totally have their day.

There were still troubles in these times of peace. Some warlocks took their powers from demons or devils, often summoning them into the world, and adventurers often had to face such foes. Kings would rule poorly, viziers would plot against the throne, large monsters, dragons, and outlying orc tribes would still pop up from time to time, and nations would fall, borders would move, but compared to the great wars, it was alright. A man could have a trade, make a decent wage and feed his family, then practice whichever beliefs he desired, and air and water were clean, flora and fauna were plentiful. This era lasted 250 years.

Then, 50 years ago, clergymen, cultists, and devout men, women, and soldiers woke up screaming all over the continent. Their eyes and hands were glowing, impossible voices they didn’t recognize were telling them dozens of things at once. All of a sudden, and all at the same time, divine magic had returned and the gods had chosen their clerics and paladins. The world was thrown into mass confusion and panic for a decade as these new chosen sought answers, quested for ancient texts to learn how to practice their religions as they used to be. Elves, gnomes, and Dwarves from before the loss of divine magic found their statuses restored, and were finding themselves placed awkwardly in high positions of power in human churches where before they had been mere oddities and tokens, simply because they were the only ones who were actually alive during the old churches(and not leastwise knew the old rituals for actually intiating new clerics and Paladins). Scholars and clergymen alike now believed the churches had been correct: the gods had left because they were no longer needed, but this brought an ill omen. If they returned, they were now very much needed indeed, because something was coming.

Only an elite few know the truth, that the universe is vast, and there is but one part of the universe that was deemed too dangerous for any links between the prime material and outer planes to exist. Planets and solar systems move throughout space at all times, and for those 250 years, Oriam’s system traveled across the fringe of that region. The gods cut off all contact as a precaution and only reopened it after the solar system finished moving through the region and after much debate. During that time Fey and Demon intermingled with society so much because they had no other choice; they could not return to their home plane. Everything seems to be all right now, with the gods hoping no influence was picked up from the forbidden region. The number of people in Oriam who know this information is in the single digits, among them kings and high priests.

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